Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg

About our university

As a technical university, the BTU offers a teaching concept that is unique in Germany, in which university, technical college and dual study programs can be studied. With interdisciplinary research, innovative teaching, knowledge and technology transfer, and continuing education, the BTU seeks approaches to solving problems in the international as well as the national and regional spheres. These include challenges in the areas of energy, health, environment, IT-based networks and communication, as well as cultural and social issues.

Brief description of our subproject

In the joint project "StudiPortal Brandenburg" of the Brandenburg universities, the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is responsible for the overall coordination of the project. In addition to the coordination, the BTU is responsible for two task packages for the development of components of the technical implementation and for the development of innovative information offers for study orientation.

The technical and functional expansion of the Question Exchange Platform (FAP) and the underlying database with subject and interest questions from the participating colleges and universities is the first focus of the project work. This includes the step-by-step expansion of the FAP to an online portal by linking it with interest tests, online offers and online assessments from the partner universities of the project.

Furthermore, innovative online information offers for different study programs are designed and implemented as a second focus. Based on the prototype "BTU 360° Mechanical Engineering", which was created in the previous project "Profile-based Knowledge Checks 2.0", additional 360° panorama worlds will be realized.