University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

About our university

The University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP) offers prospective students and students concrete career prospects with more than 30 practice-oriented bachelor's and master's degree programs. The range of subjects includes information science, engineering, sociocultural and design courses. About 100 professors supervise about 3,600 students and are supported by about 180 additional employees. This guarantees manageable structures, small working groups and a close partnership between teachers and students. The University of Applied Sciences Potsdam feels particularly committed to advancing social development through the interdisciplinary combination of its range of subjects in the profile lines "Digital Transformation - Urban Future", "Educate Society" and "Design ∙ Build ∙ Preserve" in a perspective of study and teaching, research, transfer and continuing education, both regionally and in an international orientation.

Brief description of our subproject

As part of the joint project StudiPortal, a self-study course "Bridge Course in Mathematics" is being set up at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. With the help of this course, prospective students for the field of civil engineering can check their skills and knowledge, get feedback on any gaps and can close them with the help of the offered learning units. In addition to classic exercise and learning formats such as sample calculations, learning videos, and fully worked-out solutions, this course also provides practice exercises with formative feedback on typical errors, which prompt and guide learners to work on the task again in smaller sub-steps in the event of an incorrect solution. Due to the self-sufficient online offering, use is independent of time and location and can even be used, if required, during the study entry phase.